Who? What? Why?



"I don't know who I am",
"I'm lost again",
"I'm in a prison",
"I want to fly"

Ever had those thoughts? 

Yeah? Nah? Well, I used to have them every single day. Several times a day. Most of my life. 
Until October 2016 when I decided to quit my job, pack my things and let my imaginary wings fly me far far away from planet Earth. Just kidding, I'm still here! But I did fly and started traveling the world. 

Looking back, though, I can see that a lot has happened to get to this point. To the point where I can be whoever I want to be and live however I want to live. It was a long journey. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all ugly. Maybe most of it! But it shaped me and it gave me the strength to keep moving on. 

The journey started when I was born, Oct 2nd, 1991 in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. An exceptional country. I always loved games, traveling and coding. Hence, a planet called Play Travel Code! I’m a genius, I know. 
Oh, and my name is Sara.


I started Play Travel Code as a planet where I can share my love for games, travel, and coding. It’s a planet where I can be myself and express my thoughts. However, after meeting amazing and crazy people during my travels I realized it’s time to share their inspiring stories and allow them to be part of this Planet. Therefore, Play Travel Code is not just a home for me but hopefully for a lot of people.

You might ask who the citizens of the planet are!
The brave and special citizens of PlayTravelCode are called Alnins! An Alnin is an open-minded, smart, educated, adventurous, caring, loving and special person! Oh and of course an Alnin is a PlayTravelCode reader. Therefore, you who’s reading this now, you’re an Alnin. I mean only if you want. No pressure!


I want Play Travel Code to be a planet for all of you Alnins out there. A lost Alnin, an Alnin who belongs nowhere, an Alnin who is crazy about games, or an Alnin who loves to code. Whoever you are, I truly wish that you find hope on this planet, answers, and knowledge.

And if you want to stalk me, here you go ;) I have no social media and here's why