Let's Work Together :)


Who Am I?

Hola! My name is Sara Ali. I'm a traveler and game developer from Saudi Arabia.

In October 2016, I quit my job and decided to live as a traveler and never settle down. I'm also an ENTP if you're interested :)

I strongly believe in the power of games and how they can affect our thoughts, behavior, and brain. My passion is to create games which will push the limits of our brains' capabilities. Whether it's a story, a puzzle or a board game, I try to create games that challenge the player's thoughts and how he/she thinks. 

How I like to work?

Project-based jobs are what I truly enjoy. Committing to a project/game I'm passionate about and believe in is a lot better than committing to a company or an organisation, in my opinion. Therefore, if you would like me to join your team to work on a project/game, I would be more than happy to do so. 


  • Game Design (Design a game from scratch or improve the current design of a game as well as writing efficient and readable GDDs)
  • Game Testing (manage and conduct test sessions, write testing and bug reports, & manage testers)
  • Game Programming (Unity, C#)


  • Pen
    Pen is a 2D puzzle game.  It's my current passion and obsession. It's a game I'm developing to express deep feelings and thoughts. It's a way to move on.

  • Jawlah
    The goal of the game is to teach players how to drive safely and follow the Saudi driving rules. I had different responsibilities in the game. I programmed different parts and focused mostly on the AI part which is coding the Non-playable characters (NPC). Another part was managing and performing testing sessions from start to end. I also helped in improving the levels' design.

  • Ranam
    A game that teaches players how to play their favorite song using an Arabic music instrument called Oud. I developed the complete prototype for the game using Unity engine and C#.
  • Virtual Reality Experience
    A VR experience which encourages Saudi women to take a break and enjoy their life. It was a part of a Pharmacy campaign in Saudi. Developed by Unity, C# and Oculus Rift DK2.

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