Introducing The New Team

Introducing The New Team

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a Dev diary... And a lot has changed! For instance, new amazing people have joined me to work together on Pen.

Honestly, when I first started working on this game, I thought developing it alone would be a great learning experience. You know, so I can learn “everything”. Whether it’s art, music or animation. All of it!

Well, it turns out I was very wrong. While it’s great to learn everything, it shouldn’t be a goal. At least for me. 

I was overwhelmed, couldn’t focus on what I’m good at nor improve where I’m not. Simply because I had a lot to learn. 

When I failed I hated myself and I thought I was stupid. 

However, I asked myself what do I really want to learn or improve upon from creating this game? The answer was game design and programming. That’s all. These are the areas that I really want to explore, improve and learn more about. I realized that I don’t want to become a jack of all trades, but master specific roles. I want to be excellent at what I love and focus on that. Of course, I’ll keep learning about art and music while creating this game but I want to learn them from the people who are passionate about them. 

That was my conclusion :) 

Now, enough about me and let me introduce you to the superheroes I’m working with!

The Team

Basma Mariki  (Art)

Basma Mariki

Basma She is a concept artist, character designer and a freelance illustrator. She worked on two indie horror games; Grandpa and Promise. Grandpa was chosen to be translated into 7 different languages including Spanish and Japanese. Promise held its place in the top 12 Buzzing Games for several weeks on RPG Maker website. She is still working on upcoming games and projects as an artist and has also taken part in the making of Beast of Burden manga.

Twitter | Instagram | DeviantArt

Abdulmalik Zubailah (Music & Sound Effects)

Abdulmalik Zubailah
(Music & Sound Effects)

Abdulmalik loves stories, games, and music, so he basically works in all three. His passion for stories and storytelling in general, lead him to his fascination with narratives in all forms of entertainment, especially games and music. 

Twitter | Blog


Amazing people, right? 


Sara Ali   (Programming & Game Design)

Sara Ali
(Programming & Game Design)

Oh and here's me 

I'm an Alien! I like to play games, travel and code ;D


Website | Why I have no social media accounts

Do We Make Money From The Game While In Development?

Sadly no, Pen is a profit based project. 

Profit based project means we make money after releasing the game, not during development. The good thing about this approach is that we can make money forever, as long as the game is being sold. If the game was a success, that is.

Perhaps it’s a bit risky. However, it’s better to commit to a project that we’re passionate about and believe in than to commit to a project just for the money.

Having said that, money is a must while development. For that reason we are developing the game on a very low budget and trying to come up with different ways to make money. We can share these ways with you Alnins if you're interested! Let us know in the comments below.

First Look at our main character

After the two heroes joined me we started working right away. Abdulmalik working on the music and Basma working on the art. 

Here's a first look at our lovely main character. It's not final but this is the overall concept.



Let us know what you think :D

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Indie Minds With Artist Basma Mariki